Superb Canadian Wushu Team at the 8th World Kungfu Championship

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After three days of intense competition at the 8th World Kungfu Championship held in June 16-18, the Canadian National Wushu Team was rewarded with 10 gold, 9 silver and 17 bronze medals.

Some 5,300 athletes from around the world from 48 countries including China, Russia, the United States, Canada, Germany, Brazil and Japan converged in the legendary Emeishan in western Szechuan, China making the tournament one of the biggest in the Wushu world. A 26-member strong Canadian National Wushu Team was led by Hong Yuan Luo, the Manager and Jennifer Gu, the Head Coach. Among them are 22 athletes from Ji Hong Wushu and Taichi School from Edmonton and Calgary campuses.

The Canadian team was off to a flying start with gold medal performances from veteran Erika Larm in Chen style Taichi and a rookie competitor Julianna Huang in Yang style Taichi. Julianna performed with such grace and poise that you would never guess she had less than a year of Taichi experience. Once again, Master Jennifer Gu showed her magic in molding her students into world-class athletes. A total of 2 gold, 4 silver and 4 bronze medals were won on the very first day of competition.

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