Master Jennifer Gu


Dai Juan Gu (Mrs. Luo) grew up in the province of Guangdong, China and graduated from the Guangzhou Physical Education Institute. She is an accredited International Wushu Adjudicator and the President of the West Coast Division of the Canadian Wushu Federation. Mrs. Luo began learning Wushu at the age of eight, and became a student of the renowned Taiji master Ji Hong Luo. Mrs. Luo also received in-depth Taichi training from two great Taichi masters: Gu Liu Zin and Lei Mu Ni. Upon graduation in 1985 from the Guangzhou Physical Education Institute, Mr. Luo became a faculty member of the Physical Education Department lecturing on Wushu at the South China Normal University.

Awards & Recognition

In 1983, Jennifer Gu (Dai Juan) won gold medal in the Guangdong Athletic Tournament, Mixed Taiji Division. In 1984, she won gold medal in the Wuhan International Taijiquan (and Sword) Invitational Tournament. In the same year, Jennifer won women’s gold in Taiji form, and bronze in soft weapon in the National Physical Education Institute Wushu Tournament. In 1986, she was award silver medal in Guangdong Provincial Athletic Tournament, and in 1998 she took gold medal in both Taiji form and Taiji sword in Guangzhou Selection Tournament.

In 1988, She and Mr. Luo co-authored “Theories and Training of Taijiquan” published by the Guangdong Higher Education Press. In 2003, a second edition with major revisions was published accompanied by an English translation titled “The Ji Hong Taichi System – Evolutionary Theory, Application and Methodology”. In 1988, Jennifer was invited by the city of Calgary to teach Wushu and Taijiquan. In 1991, she and Mr. Luo co-founded the Ji Hong Wushu and Taichi College in Edmonton, Canada where she has devoted herself to the teaching of Wushu and has trained many outstanding Wushu athletes. Since 1995, her students have been selected to the national team every year representing Canada in World Wushu Championships and the Pan American Wushu Championships. In 1995, Jennifer was presented the Distinguished Athlete Awards by the major of Edmonton and the CFRN Television Network. In 1996, the mayor of Edmonton awarded her the Outstanding Contributor honours.

Jennifer Gu was at one time the Vice-President of the Canadian Wushu Federation and a director of the Canada Wushu Association. She is currently a director of the Canadian Wushu Association and the President of the West Coast Division of the Canadian Wushu Federation. In 2005, Jennifer was appointed coach of the Canadian National Wushu Team that competed in the World Wushu Championship. In the same year, she attained the International Wushu Adjudicator status, and was listed in the overseas section of the Chinese Contemporary Wushu Who’s Who. In 2006 and 2007, Jennifer Gu was again appointed coach of the Canadian National Wushu Team participating in 2006 the Pan American Wushu Championship in Metro Toronto and in 2007 the 9th World Wushu Championship in Beijing.