Chinese Health Qigong Specialists Visiting Edmonton

Health qigong seminars and training classes will be held in Edmonton from May 31st to June 6th

This event is co-hosted by the International Health Qigong Association, The Chinese Health Qigong Association and the Ji Hong International Health Qigong College of Canada. Based on traditional Chinese forms of body exercises, Health Qigong has been developed with infusion of principles of modern health exercise theories. The benefits of regular practice of Heath Qigong are many, as listed below:

  • Improve physical fitness;
  • Improve mental health;
  • Prevention or slowing the loss of mental capacity;
  • Maintain heathy physiological functions;
  • Improve blood circulation;
  • Maintain healthy organ and body functions.

The presenter of the seminars and the instructor of the training classes will be the distinguished Professor Cao Yun of the Junyi Physical Education Institute. Professor Cao plays a leading role in Wushu and Traditional Health Studies at the institute. His credential and achievements are listed as follows:

  • Chinese Wushu 7th Duan (9 Duan system)
  • Chinese Health Qigong 7th Duan
  • Health Qigong national adjudicator
  • President of the Junyi Wushu Association
  • Gold medalist of Health Qigong form Liu Zi Jue at the 2011 National Collegiate Championships
  • Adjudicator and Chief Adjudicator of national health qigong competitions.

Sponsored by the International Health Qigong Association, Mr. Cheng Jiang, Head of the delegation and Professor Cao Yun will undertake a series of activities with the goals of promoting and popularizing Health Qigong and fostering better understanding and wider participation within this global family of Health Qigong.

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