Health Qigong Tournament – Vancouver, BC

By November 28, 2011 Ji Hong News No Comments

In the last two or three years, Ji Hong has been actively promoting Health Qigong, hosting Qigong instruction seminars in conjunction with the Alberta Wushu and Taichi Association. Top-ranked Qigong masters from China were invited to conduct Qigong training for Ji Hong students as well as the general public. Ji Hong College has subsequently offered Qigong classes as part of the regular college curriculum.

This year, Ji Hong has gone one step further by sending three students to participate in the 4th International Qigong Tournament in Vancouver, September 17th to 18th. All three students scored well at the tournament competing against Qigong athletes from around the world including those from China.  The results are as follows:

Grace Lee – 1 Gold, 1 Bronze
Grace Lam – 1 Silver
Krasimira Kuneva – 1 Bronze

All three students worked extremely hard in preparation for the tournament. The results reflect their effort as well as their talent. Congratulations! Keep up with your Qigong practice. May the Qi be with you!

Qigong Tournament Newsletter – Vancouver, BC