News from The 9th Hong Kong Wushu International Championship

The 9th Hong Kong Wushu International Championship was held at the Hong Kong Ma On Shan Sports Centre and the Tsuen Wan Town Centre. Raymond Ma, a student of the Ji Hong Wu Shu and Tai Chi College put on an outstanding performance winning three gold and one silver medals. This being its ninth year, the Hong Kong Wushu International Championship continually expands from 1000 participants in its inaugural year to over 8000 athletes this year from 30 countries and 889 teams. The untiring efforts of the organizers of this tournament have made it one of the great international Wushu gatherings.

One Athlete Competing in Four Taichi Styles

Ji Hong College was invited to send a team to the tournament. Unfortunately several members could not go for various reasons. Master Hong Yuan Luo personally led the lone team member of Raymond Ma who signed up to compete in four Taichi styles: Chen, Yang, Wu and Wu-Hao.

It is well-known within the Taichi circle that the four styles are very much distinct from one another: the Chen style displaying the complementary elements of hard and soft, fast and slow; the Yang style expansive and rhythmic; the Wu style soft like willow branches swaying in the wind, leaning yet well centre-balanced; the Wu-Hao packed with internal power. To compete in all four styles is a daring attempt in accepting high degree of difficulties. In preparing for the competition, Raymond received instructions from Master Luo and with diligence and hard work, achieved breakthroughs in all the routines.

As the long competition progressed, Raymond amazingly was able to revved up his competitive intensity to take the gold medals in Chen, Wu and Wu-Hao and a silver medal in Yang style.

Raymond Ma is a veteran dentist by profession with a passion for sports. He was active in soccer in his earlier years. His interest in Taichi began a decade or so ago when he joined the Ji Hong Wu Shu and Tai Chi College. The depth and scope of Taichi completely captivate him and he studies hard and practices diligently in Taichi classes to finally become an elite student of the college.

In 2008 he competed in international Taichi tournaments in Handan and Shantou in China and won three gold and two silver medals. In this tournament he has once again accepted it as a personal challenge and has taken another giant leap in his pursuit of excellence. Well done and congratulations Raymond!