Alberta Athletes Victorious at the Pan American Wushu Championships

By December 27, 2010 Ji Hong News No Comments

The 8th Pan American Wushu Championships, sponsored by the Pan American Wushu Association and the Argentinean Wushu Federation, was held at Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina on October 6-10, 2010. Athletes from North American countries of the United States, Canada and Mexico and from the South American countries of Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Chile and Venezuela competed at the Olympic Training Center in Buenos Aires. As a biennial event, this is Argentina’s second hosting this prestigious tournament.

In accordance to the Pan American tournament protocol, each national team is limited to 10 male and 10 female athletes competing in the Taolu events and 11 male and 7 female athletes on the San Shou (Sparring) events. The Canadian National Team is represented by 5 male and 5 female athletes from Canadian National Wushu A-Team and 5 male and 5 female athletes from the Canadian National Wushu B-Tteam. All these athletes were among the top competitors at the national team selection tournament held earlier in August at Toronto. The Canadian National Team at the tournament, comprised of the B team, was headed by Master Jennifer Gu of the Ji Hong Wu Shu & Tai Chi College as the National Team Coach.

Jonathan Leung – Gold Medal Winner

Four students from the Ji Hong Wu Shu & Tai Chi College – Jonathan Leung, Stephen Au, Eric Duong and Aviel Chow – competed at the tournament. After three days of intense competition, Jonathan Leung claimed the Taichi Sword gold and Taichi silver,  Eric Duong took silver at spears and Stephen Au the bronze at Nangun (cudgel, southern style).

Master Jennifer Gu commented, “Through this tournament, we could observe that the Wushu levels of the South American countries have improved considerably. Brazil, in particular, has been outstanding in the southern style Taolu. They have taken all three gold medals in the Nanquan (southern style hand form), Nandao (southern style broadsword) and Nangun.”

The tournament also included an open competition for junior Wushu athletes. Due to the lack of preparation time and the long distant travel, Canada did not send a junior team. In contrast, the United States boasted a junior team of close to 40 youths. Other South American countries also dispatched huge delegations to compete at the tournament. The stands were filled with spectators and athletes. Loud cheers and applause went on all day! In the evening of October 9, a three-hour award ceremony brought the 8th Pan American Wushu Championships to a successful conclusion.