Congratulations Alex, Eric and Lawrence!

By September 20, 2009 Ji Hong News No Comments

During the 2009 Canadian Open Taiji Championships Taiji martial art-ists from all across Canada competed for the top spots. Again, Ji Hong students played a prominent role in this international open-Taiji championship by winning gold, silver and the Grand Championship title.

We cordially congratulate Alex Treadwell (fixed steps push hand silver medal), Lawrence Wu (both Yang and Chen style form/Taolu silver med-als) and rising push hands star Eric. It was Eric Wai’s tournament debut, winning a silver medal in Chen Taolu, one gold medals in fixed steps push hands, and two gold medal in moving steps push hand. Eric also took the Grand Champion title, indeed a stunning triumph. Eric trained for only more than a year under the Ji Hong Tai Chi System under Head Instructor Sifu Jim Liang.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Richmond hill branch students, Well done!

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