1st Class Award for Master Luo’s Thesis at Jiaozuo Taichi Summit Forum

By September 9, 2009 Ji Hong News No Comments

The Jiaozuo Taichi Summit Forum was held in the latter half of August this year as part of the 5th International Taijiquan Exchange Competition in Jiaozuo, China. Master Luo was invited as one of the Taichi experts and scholars (close to one hundred) around the world to speak at the forum.

As a biennial event, the Jiaozuo Taichi Summit Forum was sponsored by the Chinese State General Administration of Sports and the Chinese Wushu Association. Invitations were sent out in the early part of the year for the submission of theses. After a selection process, close to 100 theses were selected.

Master Luo has been a regular speaker at the forum as his theses have been selected in previous forums. They were always well received and appreciated. This year, the title of the Master Luo’s thesis was “On the Design and Theory of Overall Flexibility Exercise” (as translated by the Summit Forum). At the Forum, Master Luo spoke in details on the fundamental research of Taichi and the breakthroughs that have been achieved by the Ji Hong Taichi System. The response at the Forum was tremendous.

It was noted that Master Luo’s thesis contained five “News”. They are:

  1. New thinking;
  2. New focus;
  3. New methodology;;
  4. New corroborations; and in summary,
  5. New breakthrough.

In their final assessment, the committee awarded Master Luo first class honours! Since only four first class honours were awarded out of close to a hundred papers selected, this is a rare honour indeed.