Cindy Luo and Johnathan Leung Selected to the National Team to Compete in World Wushu Championship

By August 29, 2009 Ji Hong News No Comments

Great news from the Canadian National Championships! After intensive competition, both Cindy Luo and Jonathan Leung have been selected to the national A team. Congratulations, Cindy and Jonathan for your achievement. Cindy and Jonathan will represent Canada at the 10th World Wushu Championship to be held at Ricoh Coliseum of the Canadian National Exhibition Centers at Toronto this fall.

The Canadian National Championships were hosted by the Confederation of Canadian Wushu Organizations and organized by WushuOntario. The nine judges at the competition came from China, Canada and the United States. The competitions were divided into Taolu and Shanshou. Each Taolu athlete could compete in a maximum of three events. The selection criteria were based on the total of the two highest scores. The top five male and the top five female athletes formed the national A team to compete in the 10th World Wushu Championship. The top ten from each of the male and female athletes formed the national B team to compete in the Pan American Wushu Championship next year.

Six Taolu and one Shanshou students from the Ji Hong Wushu and Taichi College, led by Master Jennifer Gu competed in the Canadian National Championships. The results have certainly met expectations. A total of 2 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze medals were won. Cindy Luo and Jonathan Leung have made the A team. Steven Au has made the B team. It’s worth noting that Jonathan Leung, competing in Taichi Quan and Taichi Sword scored the second highest total score. This is the first time since 1999 that a Taichi competitor has made the Canadian national team. This represents a major breakthrough of the decade!

It will also be the first time Canada hosts a World Wushu Championships. 1300 athletes from all over the world will compete in it. Tickets to the event are already on sale. Details will follow.