Health Qigong

qigongHealth Qigong Health Qigong are forms of exercise developed in China in ancient times for the purpose of health improvement. Some well-known forms are Ba Duan Jin, Yi Jin Jing, Liu Zi Jue and Wu Qin Xi. Although at advanced levels these forms can be physically demanding, they are simple moves that are easy to learn and can be practiced by people for all ages and all physical abilities.

Health qigong is different than other forms of exercise as it specifically targets the energy or qi flow in the body. The underlying theory is none other than the meridian qi theory used in traditional Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture. Each move was designed to enhance the energy flow along the qi meridians that is essential to good health. In the last decade or so, thanks to the efforts of the Chinese Health Qigong Association, the more popular forms of health qigong have been standardized. Books and videos have been published by the association to assist in the learning and teaching of qigong.

Ji Hong is among the earliest organizations in Canada to invite experts from China to hold qigong seminars for the general public and training seminars for qigong instructors. Health qigong has been adopted as part of the college curriculum. All qigong instructors are fully qualified as they have received formal qigong instructors training sanctioned by the Chinese Health Qigong Association. It is hoped that people will take advantage of the gigong courses offered and adopt health qigong as part of the exercise regime that includes Wushu and Taichi for the improvement of their health and well-being.