Chen Style Tai Chi

chenChen Style tai chi is the most ancient form of tai chi training. Chan Style is believed to have been adapted from the martial arts. It places emphasis on silk reeling movements, jumps, stamps, and low standing postures. Chan Style is said to be the smoothest, most powerful form of tai chi. Other names for Chan Style tai chi include Xin Jia, Lao Jia, Cannon Fist and 18 Movement.

Tai chi combines awareness of breathing, meditation, and physical movements, and is believed to be grounded in the Taoist tradition. The concept of yin and yang — polar opposites contained within the whole — and the idea that all things are connected by an invisible force called qi are key elements in virtually all styles of tai chi. Regardless of style, the general goals of tai chi are to bring yin and yang into harmony in order to allow qi to flow.

It is also important to note that although tai chi is a relatively low impact exercise, anyone with a serious health concern should consult a physician before participating in tai chi.